Even if you are not a big fan of Japan, the chances are you have heard of Doraemon before. It's a big franchise both within Japan and abroad - even this cute little drum toy.

Kosuke Naito (@kosukenaito) - who is actually a drummer for a band called SATORI - was given this Doraemon toy as a gift. So he gave it "a play":

Doraemon is beating to a track by X-Japan: a famous Japanese heavy metal band!

Cute Doraemon hitting a drum to a heavy-metal tune was so good for Twitter users in Japan - it was retweeted over 80,000 times. Even Yoshiki - the drummer of X-Japan - retweeted it!!


Source: @kosukenaito

It's interesting how playing a heavy metal track behind a toy drum turns Doraemon into a cool rock star... talk about perspectives lol

By - grape Japan editorial staff.