Doesn't this look sort of like Monet series "Water Lilies?" Well, it's actually a real pond!

Because it really resembles French Impressionist Claude Monet's oil paintings, this pond (located near Nemichi temple in Gifu prefecture) is known by many as "Monet's Pond".

Surrealism is perhaps one of the features of Monet's work, but it's hard to believe this surreal scenery actually exists in real life.

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The secret to the blue transparent water in this pond is that it comes from spring water nearby. Carp are so clearly visible swimming beneath its teal-colored surface.

If you time your visit to this pond right, you will actually see water lilies in full bloom, making it truly worthy of the title "Monet's Pond".

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Partly because people post-edit the photos, it's really hard to believe these images are not paintings. But here's a video of the actual pond - so it's real after all.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.