Legendary Samurai Isao Machii, also known as the “Modern Samurai” is here to cut a fastball in two with a katana sword.

First, he checks out the behavior of the ball with the first two pitches that come out from the pitching machine.

Then comes the third ball... (by the way, nice pose...)

The result happened in a blink of an eye.

The blade returns back to its sheath, and after a satisfied look from Master Machii walks away from the stand - mission has been completed.

Take a look at this amazing work in slow motion.

The speed radar says the ball’s speed was 161km (100mph). Master Machii sliced the ball at 9.22meters (30feet) from where the pitching machine fired.

Talk about "speed of light"! Must take a lot of training to achieve this amazing feat. His dead-on precision can also be seen from his past performances, which we have covered in the past (Cutting-Edge Robot and Food Slicing).

We are grateful that Master Machii is with us to show us your incredible Samurai technique in this modern era. Can't wait to see more of your outstanding performances.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.