To an extent of improvising our life style, nothing can be comparable to Japanese creativity. Here is another great approach from Bibilab's comfort roomwear, showcasing a unique idea of relieving stress by wearing a schoolgirl outfit.

The idea does not just pop out from mid-air. This brilliant design is base on serious thoughts, facts and detail analysis from Bibilab.

Firstly, there have been a lot of cases showing that wearing girls clothing can remove stress. The truth is there some men that secretly dress in girl’s clothes through underground events. Secondly, dressing in opposite-sex outfit can be difficult for friends and family to understand. Even if they do, it may need to take awhile..

Based on these two straight facts, “Able to wear girls dress in a non-discreet place” is where the concept came from.

The dress is available from the Japanese site Rakuten Ichiba for 6,880 yen (US$57.71) each.

You can choose two different clothing sizes, Middle(~170cm) and Large(~180cm).

Kind instructions in teaching you how to tie a scarf for beginners.

The roomwear was suppose to be an outdoor item. Bibi Lab stretches the idea of designing it into indoor style. Yes, there is some gentlemen out there who are comfortable wearing it in public, but many of them would like to keep this interest in somewhere no one is prying.

Delicately designed laces, a small detail in adding some feminine appearance. A pair of knee high socks is also included to show off you thigh between your skirt and sock

Another extra layer for not letting your stomach tummy look too puffy.

Furthermore, statistic research shows that 5 percent of male adults have large interest and hope in wearing girl outfit. But even so, some thoughts of obstacles like “Don’t want to be judged by society”, “No size will fit my body structure” made them gave up their wishes.

Also wearable in winter season, the soft-leather makes you not freeze at home.

The core mindset of wearing the schoolgirl outfit,

––By looking at it makes you happy, being able to wear it in-person is an another level of enjoyment––


Don't just sit there. If you have not had an opportunity to wear a comfortable men-size schoolgirl outfit, here is your chance to make your dream become a reality.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.