This new product takes “creative tea bags” to a completely different, astoundingly fetishistic level.

Created by Muku, a design firm based in Niigata, the Beautiful Girl T Bag gives you not only a delicious cup of tea, but a beautiful busty girl to stare at while you wait for your delicious tea to steep.


Source: Chara Tea

The company boasts that this tea bag was made from their sole desire to drink the sweat of a beautiful girl… Need we say more?

What makes this tea bag even more provoking is the way they’ve named it. In Japanese, “bag” and “back” are written almost identically, so by writing “T Bag,” it looks like they’re selling a beautiful girl’s T-back underwear at first glance (which will definitely make you do a double-take).

But the Beautiful Girl T Bag is still in its planning stages, and is not yet for sale. Muku is still looking for a creative partner to license their characters for use, after which they will be able to sell their products at local events and anime specialty stores.

If we forget that the tea is meant to be this girl’s sweat, it’s actually not a terrible idea. I mean come on, would anyone refuse to watch a beautiful girl with huge boobs bathe right in front of them? Plus, they say the tea will be supplied by a “top-class tea provider in the Kanto region [east Japan],” so at least the tea will keep you fully satisfied.

If you’re dying to find out what’s next in store for the Beautiful Girl T Bag, keep yourself informed through Muku’s website (Japanese), product flyer, or Twitter account.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.