There are an estimated 2 million hand amputees worldwide, and most have no prosthesis.

To help such people get the prosthetics they need, Open Bionics, a startup located in Bristol, is working to provide low-cost 3D printed robotic hands. And recently, they announced a new line for kids that’s nothing but magical.


Teaming up with Disney, Open Bionics is now providing these character-inspired hands for kids. Currently, they come in designs inspired by Iron Man, Frozen, and Star Wars. The Iron Man model can even vibrate to simulate a rocket launching! Of course, they’re not just super rad-looking but are fully functional.

This is Jedi Logan, mastering the use of his new Star Wars bionic arm and hand.


Source: Facebook


What’s even more magical is that these prosthetic hands will cost only around $500, compared to the average prosthetic hand and arm that costs between $3000 and $30,000. To achieve such low costs, Disney provided the necessary licenses to make these themed hands for free!


“The power of these prosthetics is that the public perception is completely different,” Open Bionics told the Independent. “All of a sudden they’re not being asked how they lost their hand, they’re being asked where they got their cool robot hand, how does it feel, and how does it work? It completely flips the perception 180 degrees. What might have been perceived as their greatest weakness is seen as their greatest strength.”

Open Bionics plans to begin offering the prosthetic hands next year. We can’t wait until the day everyone who is need of bionic limbs is sporting these awesome creations!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.