Japanese artist Pico (@picopoco08) has started a collection of Cat Bags that are now all the rage on Twitter.


Source: Twitter

These individually handmade bags look like real cats, and will make you want to start cuddling with them while you’re out shopping or sitting on a smelly bus.

These cats have it all — the soft fur, the big round eyes, and cute little noses and ears.


Source: Twitter

Pico’s three-color cat bag, which went viral, first started off as a white cat. It was then air-brushed with acrylic paint, making it the famous cat it is now.

But before you pull out your wallets to buy her next Cat Bag, it’s probably good to note that her three-color cat bag sold for 83,000 yen on Yahoo! Auction (about $700). Also highly coveted was her grey cat, which was also auctioned off for 66,000 yen (about $550). Her current project is a black cat bag, and we’re kinda hoping she’ll have that ready by Halloween. Either way, we can guess it’ll probably be a bit high on the price range too.

This is her black cat in the making:


Source: Twitter


Source: Twitter

In all honesty, if I saw someone walking around with one of these cat bags, I would think they had a taxidermy cat slung over their shoulder… which is pretty unnerving. But we assure you these cats are not taxidermies, and are made of faux fur and paint.


Source: IROIRO


Source: Yahoo! Auctions

The bottom line is, they’re actually really cute. Check out the artists’s Twitter for more information, and maybe even a chance to buy one for your own!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.