Guess the 66 movie references in this quiz while you stay at home.

If you consider yourself a movie buff or know anyone who does, then you probably know that trivia and film tidbits only fans the flames of their cinematic passion. However, this simple and fun interactive quiz from Popcorn Garage might just be vast and obscure enough to stump even the most well read aficionados.

Stuffed within this garage are iconic (and some less so!) references to 66 movies, both classic and cult. While there are a few gimmes that scream at you after an initial glance, there are some more vague and not so obvious references that may require you do a little thinking!

1. Go to Popcorn Garage

2. Type in the name of whatever movies you spot!

Think you can pull it off? Use the website, but we'll put a reference picture here, along with hints of where to look, and an answer key.


Source: Popcorn Garage

Here is a hint of what items in the garage to look at if you get stuck...

...and if you really need help, here are the answers! Good luck!

By - Big Neko.