Harajuku, the mecca of everything kawaii has done it again with the world’s first My Little Pony-themed cafe!

A pop-up cafe that opened on October 13th, this colorful pop of pastel rainbows and your favorite eyelash-batting ponies will be a sanctuary for all My Little Pony-lovers until November 29th.

Looking at all these pictures of My Little Ponies have given me a huge rush of nostalgia, but I’m also surprised at how the ponies have changed over the years (go ahead, call me ancient). But the cafe displays both the new and old My Little Ponies, so if you want to reminisce in memories of your ponies from back in the day, you can do that too!

Anyway, they’re all cute and magical and everything we’ve ever loved about them.

The menu’s looking equally magical too:

In addition to all that, they have a My Little Pony crane game at the entrance, My Little Pony goods on sale, and they’re even giving out free coasters when you order a My Little Pony drink or parfait!

Oh, and did I mention they had a real pony greeting guests on their opening day?

If you need some of this rainbow goodness in your life, visit their Twitter or website!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.