As we know Tokyo is an amazing city. It is not only because the city is one of the cleanest and the safest cities on Earth. The real amazing part of Tokyo is that every corner of action and atmosphere feels distinctively unique. The difference can be noticed right away after stepping out of each station.

Meanwhile, have you heard of the term "Cup Artist"? Drawing cups in each coffee shop when they stop by. Taking out a pen, showing off their sophisticated drawing skills, smoothly collecting bits and pieces of what is happening around them.

Mariya Suzuki is a Tokyo-based illustrator who likes to use a paper cup as her drawing broad. From Tokyo’s streetlights, spotless street road, to the flow of human interaction.

Every small portion of detail is being accurately recorded from her hand. And because she's been doing it long enough to have a wide collection of "cup art," you can get a quick grasp of good coffee shops in Tokyo by looking at her art!

Check out her beautiful art work!

Interactive round-view in 360°

Asylum Coffee Roasters


Beautiful Cherry Blossom


Aoyama Farmers Market

10844_01 10844_04 10844_15

SHIBUYA FABCAFE--The chill place for Cup Artist

10844_13 10844_07 10844_05


By - grape Japan editorial staff.