Even if you don't particularly follow Japanese mascots and media, you may have seen this lovable yellow guy come across one of your feeds. Gudetama. Gudetama is an extremely lazy egg, who has given up on life an resigned himself to lounging about until he is eventually cooked. "Gude" is Japanese onomatopoeia reflecting a lack of energy, and "tama" is a shortening of the Japanese word for egg, "tamago."


Source: Twitter


Source: Twitter

If a lethargic egg yolk symbolizing the disenchantment of youth wasn't exotic enough for you, his latest incarnation in a line of extensive merchandise should be rather surprising. In a video posted by New Monday, you can see a dim sum version of Gudetama at a Hong Kong cafe that...poops and pukes.

Yay!! Dim Sum!


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Wow...these look cute!


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Oh hey...he's even got a little butt!


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Let's give it a little poke, shall we?


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Oh...oh dear. That is not what I expected.


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That's not all it does, however.

Give him a squeeze and watch his face...


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...and you won't be the only one losing your lunch.


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Watch the videos in action below.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.