Ever been in a situation where your car got stuck in mud or perhaps in heavy snow? It’s terrible. Manually work your way out to get your car back on the road is such a pain. If it so happens that you're the person in the mud, that’s even more so.

In this story, one nature photographer was taking pictures of mud crawlers. While he was re-positioning his camera, he sank into a mud hole. The incident happened very fast. His wife attempted to save him, but she also got stuck.

The couple was slowly starting to get "sucked into" the mud. But then, a 44 year-old fisherman Chat Ubonchind came to help and get them out of trouble. At first, he was trying to pull them out of it, but the more he tried the worse the situation became.

Then he made a very brave decision. He decided to lay down his body as a support for them to climb on. Then the hero walked away without saying much to the people he saved. Thankfully, with the support of the local press, they tracked him down and awarded him.

It's hard to do good for someone without asking for any payback. A true hero he is.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.