Meet Lakota, an Australian shepherd, who has been tackling agility competition since 2005 with his owner Val. 10 years is more than enough for a person and a dog to form a strong bond - especially so when they were working towards the same goal of doing well in a competition.

But in this video, the usually-competitive environment becomes a place for celebration of the love and bond we can form with our best friend.

It's Lakota's final agility run. It feels as if the fruits of all the days Lakota and Val spent together reached a culmination in this run. Lakota doesn't clear obstacles quickly, nor is he able to jump. Despite then, their 'performance' is great. And Lakota's heartfelt gaze towards Val, along with his wagging tail tell it all - these two are fantastic duo right until the very end.

The way Val responded to Lakota's affection with a hug is simply beautiful.

Even though Lakota will no longer do any agility races, we are sure that their time together will continue, outside of the competition.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.