Abs aren't just for show anymore!

An oldie, but a favorite. this crazy commercial stars Japanese actor Takashi Ukaji, and shows off the importance solid core strength while advertising the Wonder Core ab bench. The commercial shows Takashi in everyday situations that soon evolve into wacky predicaments where the abdominal strength he has built up due to using the Wonder Core saves him from certain tragedy. The scenarios start off simple enough, like slipping on a bar of soap in a public bath--but quickly things get out of hand and there are alien blasters and clotheslines being tossed around!

Do you have the abs to bounce back from an alien blaster attack?


Source: YouTube

What about a wrecking ball...after ducking a clothesline from a luchadore?


Source: YouTube

You may have the core strength to shrug off snowballs--but an avalanche?


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Pop right back up with the Wonder Core!


Source: YouTube

By - grape Japan editorial staff.