At an aquarium in Yokohama called "Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise" lives a seal who sleeps in such a cute way. Photos of this seal taking his afternoon nap has gone viral in Japan. Here are those winning shots:


Source: @skycielmam1


Source: @skycielmam1


Source: @skycielmam1


Source: @skycielmam1

This seal was so cute I couldn't stop gazing at him!

He's sleeping whilst leaning on the wall - sort of like us humans.

This photo was taken in the "Fureai Lagoon" area within "Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise." The area is designed so that visitors can get closer (and even interact with) to sea creatures.

As @skycielmam1 wrote, it's hard not to stop gazing at this cute sight!

When we did a little more searching, it turns out that the seals have other interesting sleeping poses:

When a seal is on this rock, it reminds us of sushi [note: they will never eat seals] - so much so we call this "sushi rock."

Afternoon nap... but like that!?

According to the aquarium's official Twitter, the seals sleep on the ground during the night, while in the afternoon they sleep "sitting down" in the water.

It's so tempting to go and visit them in Yokohama - they are so adorable!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.