In order to give the world’s largest proposal to the partner he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, this man quit his job, and cut across Japan.

His name is Yassan. After deciding to present his proposal messages through “GPS drawing” on campuses throughout Japan, he set out across the archipelago.

GPS drawing is using a GPS device to record the path you have taken. By projecting these tracks onto a map, you get a “geoglyph”.

The above-mentioned movie was created during a global campaign for outdoor maker Hi-Tec, and when “The World’s Largest Proposal” was released in November 2014, it became a hot topic.

After covering a distance of 7,163.67 km, the words written was "Marry Me ♡". Of course, the answer was "YES"!

This major proposal proposal was carried out in 2010. It was reported on his blog that, “on February 22, 2010 at 2:22, on ‘the ultimate spouse day’”, they turned in their marriage paperwork.

The self-edited video of his trip is here:

Additionally, this GPS drawing art is registered as a Guinness record. One of the major milestones of their lives, as well the size of love they nurtured, is engraved in the world record - how cool is that?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.