This is too cool!

In this promotional video, an entire multi-story parking lot is used to do a little piece of gimmick. It makes use of 13 sports cars from the 86 series, including a Prius, Land Cruiser and so on.

Continuous nail-biting scenes, with superb driving techniques, they whirl around the narrow six-story parking lot – it's enough to bring shivers down your spine!

Also featuring pretty girls! A little fan service follows.


Source: YouTube

With the screeching sound of a drift, a switch is turned on!


Source: YouTube

The well-conceived gimmick continues all the way inside.


Source: YouTube

Featuring four sports cars from the Toyota 86 series!


Source: YouTube

Around and around the performing stage! This is a parking lot rooftop, it's not safe!


Source: YouTube

Hey, I'm telling you, this is dangerous!


Source: YouTube

Now it's reached the blimp! I guess anything goes, huh.


Source: YouTube

To pull this off, you need a group of real professionals, like athlete Jun Mitsuhashi and pro driver Manabu Orido. They have excellent grasp of even the most splendid driving techniques!

Definitely don't try drifting in a parking lot yourselves, everyone!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.