You never know what kind of adorable accidents babies get themselves into, and it was no different for this baby fox. Having gotten his furry head stuck inside an empty tin can, this kit confusedly walks around a man’s garden, trying to get the can off and crying out for help.


Source: YouTube

Luckily this man was watching from close by, and walks over to yank the can off the kit’s head.

Surprised, grateful, but still shaken, the kit turns around and notices the man that saved him from the cold scary darkness. Of course he has the cutest little face.


Source: YouTube

He politely walks over to the man to thank him. The man pets him on the back, and in return the baby fox showers him with even more heart melting affection.


Source: YouTube

But the kit has to find his mom, and eventually ventures out again back home. Hopefully he didn’t get stuck inside a tin can in the process, and if he did, we hope he encountered another kind soul to help him out.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.