We recently wrote about how animals in Japan are polite (well, namely guinea pigs), but we may have spoken too soon. There’s talk now of a sneaky pigeon that has just proved to us that things are rougher out in the real world.

Imgur user Datsun280zxt took this video as he himself was boarding a train and posted it under the title “A typical day in Japan.” It shows the definitive moment of the bold pigeon being that guy we tend to grimace at while we’re patiently waiting in line.

And this guy isn’t waiting for anybody — he nonchalantly cuts in line and hops onto the train as soon as the doors open, pushing aside the gentleman in the red sneakers. He didn’t even wait behind the yellow line!

At this rate, we thought the pigeon would just hop onto one of the cushy red seats too, but he apparently knows a secret, more comfortable space on the train. He clearly knows the train well…

But one question remains: why couldn’t the pigeon just fly to his destination?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.