"Lupin III" - it's a title a lot of anime fans should be aware of. It's quite a stylish anime series about a thief. And they've decided to start a new TV series for the first time in 30 years!

Its opening video is great as it is, but apparently you get to see it in 3D, simply by closing one of your eyes.

Taking 'one-eye 3D' for a spin

Is it really possible to see something in 3D just by closing an eye? Well - let's give it a try. It's better to use a full-screen mode on your desktop rather than on smartphones, apparently.

While it's not like what you get to see in 3D cinemas, but it's impressive enough in my opinion.

The "bullet" scene in particular is pretty impressive - it feels as if that bullet is flying towards us.


Source: YouTube

How does it work?

Apparently, in order for us humans to see things in 3D we need "binocular disparity." In other words, people feel the depth of field due to the difference in perspective between two eyes.

Now when you close one eye, that disparity goes away. Despite this, our brains try and compensate for this; and at times our brains do this so well that things might look more 3D than when we use both eyes. This anime uses our brain's tendencies to their advantage.

In addition, the splitting the frame into three (they appear as sort of 'pillars') helps create an illusion of depth.


Source: YouTube


Source: YouTube

For anime fans, the return of Lupin III to our TV screens is fantastic - and we're glad they came back in such a cool fashion!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.