Technology develops fast. In the world of motorcycles, things have been changing quite tremendously also. Self-driving cars and robotic taxis are coming in place to become reality soon. Although a lot of testing vehicles are considered safe, certain regulations and laws need to be revised before their release.

Now, it is motorcycle's turn...


Source: YouTube

Yamaha built a fusion of motorcycle and robotics, and it's called the “MOTOBOT”. From the the trailer, the way it moves on its own is stunningly beautiful.

The task of reading complex motions of a motorcycle at high-speed has to be spot-on accurate; perhaps more so than cars. At the moment, MOTOBOT travels slowly and needs "training wheels" to support it on turns, similar to the way we ourselves rode our first bicycle when we were a child. However, Yamaha is aiming to get MOTOBOT to ride at a speed of 120MPH on a race track. Would robots ever be able to surpass real racers, like the multiple MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi?

Yamaha's goal is to set the MOTOBOT's max speed 200MPH reach to by the year of 2017. They are hoping they can showcase their technology by the upcoming Japan 2020 Olympics.

As with beating Rossi... Well, one can only but dream.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.

YouTube / Yamaha