Going straight to the crying baby's side, big brother chihuahua brings his own snack for baby. I'll give you this, so please don't cry!


Source: YouTube

The baby can't eat it, so perhaps it's OK if big brother does? Even if Mommy says so, he patiently endures, sticking vigilantly to baby's side. What an attentive, kind big brother chihuahua he is.

When this chihuahua, Daizu-kun, was rejected by a breeder, his owner saved him. While sometimes when a baby is born, jealousy and selfishness can take over, Daizu-kun on the contrary became a caring big brother.

It looks like Mommy is being careful to make sure that baby doesn't put the snack that the chihuahua brought over in his mouth.

Unfortunately, Daizu-kun passed away on October 2015 - we are sure that he will be watching over the grown-up boy from above.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.