Pablo the Pug is in danger. A deadly spider with a taste for dog is on the loose in the house. Is this the end? Or will his call for help be answered?

YouTuber Adam Cox’s short film “Pug vs Spider” is just one of many of the ‘creative animal content’ he has published on his channel CREATURA. It’s also one heck of an action movie, and the best part is, there aren’t any humans in it.

Starring an adorable pug who finds himself head-to-head with a giant mechanical spider, this action-packed original short movie will have you sitting at the edge of your seat for the entire minute and forty-five seconds. Think you can handle it?

*Closing credits*

Pablo as ‘Himself’

Kaiser as ‘Himself’

Creeper as ‘Evil Mechanical Spider’

If you’re more into feisty felines, you can also check out “Ginger Cat vs The Paper Army” on his YouTube channel where he has even more cute and funny videos of animals!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.