A short video originating from Japan recently had been viewed over a million times.

It's a sprint by sumo wrestlers... here goes:

Faster than you'd expect from people who easily weigh over 100 kg!!

The runners are Amakaze Kento from Oguruma sumo stable, Takatenshu Kanata from Takanohana sumo stable, and Kaiho Tatsuaki from Tomozuna sumo stable.

They are all in their early 20s, and Amakaze Kento and Takatenshu Kanata weigh over 200 kg. The way they flies through the track with their bare feet is amazing, and kinda surreal!!

The average body fat of sumo wrestlers is said to be 32.5%: that means they actually have a lot of muscles.

While many of us knew sumo wrestlers are actually very athletic, this video gives us an affirmative proof that they really are.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.