A Japanese Twitter user (@udama1212) recently reported that she's recently bought a sofa that she wanted for a long time.


Source: @udama1212

It's certainly a nice looking sofa, but unfortunately, there is no space for the owner to sit:

I finally saved up enough cash to buy this sofa that I always wanted, but my cat's in love with it. And because they sit evenly across it, a mere human like myself cannot bother them - so in the 3 days I've had this sofa, I had less than 10 minutes to enjoy it.

While we thought the story ended with the occupation of sofa by two cats, it appears that an internal conflict had erupted:


Source: @udama1212

It seems that for these two cats, "East Sofa" is more lucrative.

By the way, they were able to come to a peaceful settlement in the past:

Perhaps the sofa's too damn good lol.

@udama1212 has been keeping track of these two lovely cats in her blog and on YouTube - do check them out if you can't get enough of them.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.