Ever wondered if the famous Cup Noodle actually had more than one way to enjoy it? A Twitter user @rea941 has unveiled the second hidden door of eating Japan’s favorite instant food. The leftover soup is the real key ingredient to make the delicious Chawanmushi egg custard. As you might not know, Chawanmushi is a famous custom bowl-dish found in Japan, which is made from eggs and vegetables. It is carefully steamed with covered hot temperature to build up its custard texture, and can be often seen in sushi restaurants and supermarkets.

Some classy restaurant will even upgrade the Chawanmushi presentation by fixing the upper-layer topped with delicate culinary art. Anyhow, since Cup-Noodle is categorized as “instant food,” we can forget about this step!

Here is the secret recipe to make your own Cup Noodle Chawanmushi:

1. Pour the remaining soup in a mug.
2. Add one raw egg in, mix, and microwave about 2 or 3 min in 500w. (Add two eggs if you left more soup)
3. If you see more water, add a few more seconds to microwave and that may do the trick.
4. There you have it!

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Microwave about 2 to 3 min in 500w. Fast and Easy!



Since it is egg custard with soup, it is one of the few Japanese dishes that is eaten with a spoon. But since Cup Noodle is usually eaten with chopsticks, it is fine to not to switch to spoon if you think yourself a good chopstick user. As for someone who is not satisfied with the taste of Cup Noodle, feel welcome to try this new recipe out. If you fail, it gets better with practice.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.

rocketnews / @rea941