The stirring city of Tokyo is often a wondrous sight for wide-eyed visitors, but for people living there, it can be an oppressive slog and stifling for the mind. After a grueling day at work, we get home only to find the boring simplicity of our apartment, and an imagination we wish we were able to use more as our only comfort.

And we can't think of anything that showcases that better than this short film, Tokyo Cosmo, created by Takuya Okada and entered in the 17th DigiCon6 ASIA Supreme Short Movie Contest.

It's a simple story, and perhaps that it why it is so charming and viewers are comparing it to Pixar magic. It's message is simple--with our minds beat up everyday by tough work schedules and hard city life, in the comfort of our own room, our mind can turn even the most mundane tasks into the biggest adventure. Definitely check it and the highlights out below!

After a long commute and a tough day...


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...we just want to crash on our bed.


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But we need to eat dinner, even if we only had time to buy it at a convenience store.


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And after some computer time with our trusty stuffed piggy...


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...the laundry machine looks like a black hole of despair.


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In fact, it sucks us in and makes us feel like we are drowning.


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But with a little imagination and our piggy, it feels like we can fly free!


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And there's nothing that makes us happier than that brief moment freedom.


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...until a cockroach snaps us back to reality!


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And for a desperate imagination, even the smallest cockroach looks like a monster!


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So we steel ourselves and charge into another adventure!


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Because no matter how ordinary it is, it's what gets us through the day.


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And we all need that one little adventure within our day to get a taste of the freedom we dream of at work sometimes.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.