Omurice is a Japanese dish with a strong western influence. It's a chicken rice stir-fried with tomato sauce, wrapped with a lightly-cooked omelet-like eggs on top.

The taste's absolutely beautiful; but the way it's made is as beautiful. Tachibana Tei, a restaurant situated in Yokohama Akarenga Red Brick Warehouse has an exposed kitchen, which allows visitors to actually see the work in progress - it's astounding:

For those who didn't get what happened (especially towards the end)

First, agitate the eggs on the pan


Source: YouTube

Fold the eggs in half


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A gentle flip


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A beautifully executed throw...


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... and the egg flips open and covers the rice as it lands!


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Amazing huh... And here's the great work from another angle:

Yeah... I would be as smug as this chef if I can do this.


Source: YouTube

An alternative

There is an alternative to making a "flourishing bouquet" of eggs on rice, you can also make an omelet and cut it open:


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But if you don't do it right (like this J-Pop star Sho Sakurai), it'll look like this:

By - grape Japan editorial staff.