If you pay attention to Japan-related news even passingly, you'll most likely have noticed the country's abundance of themed hotels. Whether it's capsule hotels for the bare minimum of rest and recovery (and the very vital selection of news and porn on the TV), beautiful traditional inns (ryokan), or the ever-popular love hotels (for a romantic get-away, even if it's just for two hours!), Japan is not lacking in the hotel department.

The latest addition to the hotel smorgasbord, however, may have just skyrocketed to the top of bucket lists everywhere, however: The Rock Star Hotel.


Source: Rock Star Hotel

The Rock Star Hotel is located in Osaka (which already has plenty of party options going for it), and has 21 rooms (including suites), which each room featuring a sweet painting of a different world-famous rock star. Each of the standard rooms also comes equipped with guitar pick-shaped room keys and record store themed shopping bags, on top of room essentials such as a flat screen TV, fridge, Wi-fi, and killer sound system. As a bonus, you get stickers of the rockstar in your room.

Who will you pick? Bowie? Queen? Aerosmith? Guns N' Roses? There's quite a menu!


Source: Rock Star Hotel

Here's some standard rooms, featuring The Doors And Prince.


Source: Rock Star Hotel


Source: Rock Star Hotel

If you really want to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous, check out one of the Junior Suites, which sports KISS and Oasis themes.

Junior suites give you the option to party in a separated bathtub and larger bed.


Source: Rock Star Hotel

But of course, the most premium glitz and glamour is reserved for the Beatles Suite, which has a king-sized bed, bathtub, and its DJ Booth.

The Beatles Suite, which features its own DJ booth.


Source: Rock Star Hotel

But rock stars don't just stay in their room all day, so the hotel has some other places you can take the party to.

The Madonna Cafe


Source: Rock Star Hotel

Where you can detox with seasonal smoothies and pancakes.

The Rooftop Bar


Source: Rock Star Hotel

This is modeled after the Dakota house where John Lennon lived, and features original cocktails for your leisure.

So whether you want to just experience the rock star lifestyle from the comfort of your hotel in Japan, or use the extravagant facilities to put together a wild event, you can find all booking information and more at the Rock Star Hotel website.

We'll leave you with their website statement. And remember--rock and roll all night, and party every day!

We have arranged 21 unique rock star icons in this hotel, all of whom fascinated others all over the world, regardless of race, language, or national boundaries. We present to you “rock star hotel” here in Osaka, Japan where you can be with these rock stars who are loved so much.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.