Kimmy and her husband adopted Tribble the cat when he was 7 years old, and all they had to do was hear his unique purr full of happiness to know that they had found the right one.


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Tribble was twice adopted, and carries with him a rather sad history of being mistreated. He was returned to a shelter after his first owner passed away, and sent to the shelter unfairly because he reacted poorly to being mistreated by his second owner's children. Kimmy explains how they felt compelled to adopt him, even when she and her husband were hoping for a younger cat:

He was in the first home for three years before his owner died. Was returned to the shelter for a few months before being adopted by a family with four small children. They terrorized him for three or so years and he did not like that. He retaliated which did not please the mother. He was returned again. One of the provisos of us adopting him was that he was going into a calm home. Tribble was their favourite cat in the shelter. He chirps like a cricket and is super friendly. He was also the “test cat” when introducing new dogs into the shelter. If Tribble was cool with them they were then deemed cat-friendly.

Now Tribby has a loving family and he couldn't be happier--watch the video and you'll see that he has a very special reason to purr about!

Tribble's first owner passed away, and his second family treated him poorly.


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Now that he's found a loving family, he is purring his little heart out all the time.


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So don't forget, there are older cats waiting for their first chance at a loving home!


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By - grape Japan editorial staff.