The only thing that could possibly top this Star Wars waffle maker is a set of Princess Leia hair-styled cinnamon buns! (And hey, don't rule that out.)

With this new Death Star waffle maker courtesy of Think Geek, Star Wars fans can now turn their own breakfast plates into a fully operational battle station!

Priced at $39.99 (USD), this cool appliance should be great for taking your breakfast to a galaxy far, far away and entertaining guests. Now that you look at it, the Death Star actually translate pretty well into waffle form! It may not look so intimidating once you slather it in berries and whip cream, but hey, we don't mind!

Sleek design and tasty looking waffles.


Source: Think Geek

Maybe the berries could be Tie-Fighters?


Source: Think Geek

That's no moon...


Source: Think Geek

If the Dark Side has waffles...we may just have to switch our alliance!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.