As we know, Japanese food is stunningly delicious. Almost any restaurant you drop-in in Japan, you can expect the standard to be pretty good.

What makes Japanese food so special is that they are not afraid of new challenges even if it looks bad or tastes weird. More importantly, if the restaurant already had earned a lot of “likes” through social media food sites, they still push themselves further to bring something new on the table.

In recent uploads from Japan's Twitter, people have been gossiping about a food combination with parfait that was unexpectedly mind-blowingly delicious. Of course, by just judging from the appearance, it may look ridiculous, but once you taste it, things can turn out to be the opposite.

Fried Ebi Shrimp Parfait [CRISPY CHALLENGE]


Ingredients: Vegetable, Ginger, Tuna.

Even fried pork works!


Fish-paste cake Parfait [7:3 BALANCE CHALLENGE]

Ingredients: Tofu, Tottori Perfecture Fish-paste cake.

The two straight-looking things on the right side of the first picture is a fish-paste cake if you are wondering. It's a little chewy.

11058_05 11058_06


Comments on Twitter:

Delicious! Ice cream and Ebi Shrimp really goes well together! Lol.. this feels a bit awkward!

It is really hard to admit this. Tottori Prefecture's famous food fish-paste cake put into the parfait. The well-balance between Tofu and fish (7:3), together with the parfait's cream is a perfect match... how odd!

Adding ginger into this soft ice cream is awkardly tasty. The taste is spicy yet sweet! As well as a good match with the Tuna!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.