Updated on 6/25/18

Daisen Mountain in Tottori prefecture is one of the most well-known spot to see autumn leaves in Western Japan. Tens of thousands of people visit the area from all over Japan in order to see the breathtaking view.

It is one of the major mountains of Japan as well, and is sometimes even compared to Mount Fuji. We'd like to show you some autumn-leaves pictures.

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The characteristics of autumn leaves in Daisen is the contrast between the serene autumn view and majestic alpine-like view.

It is no wonder that people are willing to travel for miles.

Normally, the autumn leaves season is from mid-October to early-November. The window of opportunity for seeing the tinted leaves is small, but it's worth it.


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Having said that, because of the huge popularity, you probably have to put up with heavy traffic congestion.

For those who just cannot bear to suffer this, rest assured - there are some less congested areas around Daisen for soaking in some great scenic views.

1. Goenzan "beacon stand"

This well-known spot allows you to see the views surrounding the autumn leaves. It's sort of like Switzerland in Tottori.

2. Daisen Scenic Road (Daisen Kanko Doro)

There are many great scenic spots just by driving through Prefectrual road no. 24. It's a road that takes you straight to Daisen. Since there are cafes and herb gardens along this road, so it might be a good drive to go to with your partner as well.

3. Ogamiyama Rear Shrine

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To get to the rear shrine, you have to walk for about 1 kilometers down the entrance path. However, there is certainly no traffic there since the only way to get to the rear shrine is by foot. It's the longest shrine entrance path that is made of natural stones.

4. Hakuroza

The large car park at the base of Daisen is called Hakuroza, and it is a gateway to Daisen tourism. All you need to look up a little in order to see Daisen standing dignified.

5. Kinmon and its vicinity

Daisen is actually a sacred mountain. And Kinmon is a border between the world of gods and us humans. If we see the views from here with that mindset, it will feel spiritual indeed.

6. Ishi no Ootorii

A giant torii (gate of Shinto shrine) will appear as you walk through a small pathway surrounded by trees. The best time to visit this area is towards the end of autumn where you can feel the fallen leaves under your feet as you walk.

7. Onoike

This lake is situated at the back of Daisen Lake Hotel - it is also known as a resort place. On less windy days, the water reflects the autumn leaves so beautifully.

Best times to visit

Because autumn leaves don't stay on branches for too long, it's easy to miss the opportunity. The good thing about visiting Daisen, however, is that there are two windows of opportunity to soak in the view.

So if you miss the colorful autumn colors of mid-October to early-November, you can also try and visit during mid-November to late-November. In exchange of less glorious autumn leaves, you will also get to see snow-capped Daisen on the side.

You might have enjoyed the photos, yet you'll only get to know the true beauty of Daisen unless you see it first hand. If you are visiting Japan during autumn, do consider this spot in your itinerary.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.