Brace yourself, Wint---err, panties are coming!

With the winter chill setting in, what better way to keep your head warm than the same way you gird your loins? And make a fashion statement to boot!

Designed by this Japanese woman, Korotoro, the panty-hats are definitely a conversation starter, and that's why even in the tag-line for the product it's suggested you use it to as a possible pickup line! They may look just like panties, but don't be alarmed--they're actually hats. (Although you'd have good reason to double-check if you ever met someone sporting one...)

The panty-hat comes equipped with an elastic band to stretch just like a real pair, but also have two leg-holes still in place--just in case you actually want to try them on as the real thing. Hey, you'll never know when you have an emergency and need to activate this double-feature!

These strange undergarment head-warmers are no doubt going to be sold all over, but one retailer taking orders is Village Vanguard, which is basically the Japanese answer to Hot Topic.

So there you have it--a slightly perverted but hilarious alternative to Santa and Elf hats for you to ring in the winter holidays! You won't have to feel lonely, either--at least one person is going to ask you "WTF?"

By - grape Japan editorial staff.