Living in Japan can be amazing, but to enjoy their sushi, ramen, anime, or using their high-tech gadgets you need to face the reality of having a “job” in Japan. The working hours in Japan are long, 60 hours a week is not unusual for employees. Recently, some researchers have studied to attack the unavoidable long working hours, and advise taking “power nap” during company lunch hours. Since afternoon time can get drowsy sometimes, a few minutes of nap can help increase energy level and work performance.

A Japanese product online shop called Village/Vanguard is known for selling weird yet creative products. The company has come up with an idea to sell a pillow designed as a dictionary, which is specialized for mostly office uses. The concept of making a pillow into a dictionary is to prevent people from feeling embarrassed to bring their own pillow to office. With the great design cover, it becomes unnoticeable as a pillow, and easy to place in a shelf-folder or storage.

The product label stated the pillow is easy to wash if you worry about getting your makeup on the pillow. In addition, one of the best features is the front cover of the book says “workaholic.” So people will naturally know you are not trying to slack off during working.

Now you can have a wonderful afternoon nap hour and to give everyone a notice that “I am using my little break for a better work performance result.”

By - grape Japan editorial staff.