Japan is a country known for its natural beauty and pronounced seasonal scenery. There are some amazing and breathtaking spots in the country that are both nationally sacred and world-renowned for just how gorgeous they are, so many times they have to be seen in person to be believed.

Fortunately, TokyoStreetView is providing us with the next best thing: Tours of Japan's most wondrous spots in 4K Ultra HD.

Their YouTube Channel and website allow viewers to experience Japan and its menu of natural wonders in the highest video quality. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of their work is that the objective presentation gives you a first person view of the country, allowing you to imagine yourself walking the roads featured in the video by yourself, providing a very atmospheric experience of the country. TokyoStreetView wants you to fully enjoy Japan's beauty the same way they do, as they explain on their website:

Unlike other videos you may find on Japan, TokyoStreetView videos are purely contemplative where our camera(s) are your eyes, our tripod your chair. Just sit with us, relax and let an amazing world unfold in front of you in a succession of short ~10 seconds sequences of RAW videos of Japan.

So without further ado, enjoy a sampling of the videos below! We recommend you watch them in the highest quality setting, and be sure to head to their site for more!

Tochigi: Autumn colors around Nikko

The Japanese have a saying: "Never say "I'm satisfied" until you've seen Nikko." This video explains why, with trees and leaves in Japan embracing their full Autumn colors, a popular phenomenon known as koyo (紅葉). This bright and colorful scenery enhances trips to many shrines and temples, and you won't find a better canvas to show off the spectacle than the beautiful areas surrounding Nikko. The streaming water of Yudaki and Kegon waterfalls, the placid nature of Lake Chuzenji, and the vibrant forest of Mt. Hangetsuyama are just some of the attractions on display here.

Yamanashi: Aokigahara Jukai (The Suicide Forest)

The fascinating, but dark and creepy Aokigahara forest. Almost impossibly green, the forest located at the base of Mt. Fuji has long been linked to demons in Japanese mythology, and rumored to be haunted by local superstitions. This has led to the forest being a popular spot for people committing suicide--so much so that the forest has signs urging visitors to please think of their loved ones. Aside from its unfortunate history, the forest is known for being extremely dense--in the deeper parts the only sounds that can be heard are those of the forest itself.

Mie: Ise Grand Shrine Naiku

One of Japan's most sacred shrines, and dedicated to the sun goddess Amaterasu-ōmikami. As one of the holiest Shinto sites, access to both the outer and inner shrine are highly restricted, with the latter said to house the sacred relic of the Yata no Kagami (the sacred eight-span mirror). This video allows you to taste the majestic ambiance of the surrounding area, and shows the 100 meter Uji bridge, which is rebuilt every 20 years as part of the Shikinen Sengū ceremony.

Tokyo: Shinjuku by Night

Need a break from all the wilderness? No worries. Part of the fun of exploring Japan is strolling through the never-ending streets of the ultimate metropolis, Tokyo. Here we have a nighttime walk through eclectic alleyways of Shinjuku. Shinjuku is half business, half pleasure! While part Shinjuku houses fancy hotels and office buildings, it also contains the famous red-light district Kabuki-cho, and the closet-sized bars of Golden Gai. This video allows you to really check the pulse of the fascinating Tokyo nightlife. Be sure to check out the second part on YouTube channel.

And these are just a handful of the amazingly put together videos on TokyoStreetView's channel. Check it out to experience cherry blossoms, awesome shrines, and popular cities! Japan--brought to your monitor.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.