Want to grow some plants at home, but can’t always be around to water them? Now you can hand that task over to these cute little ceramic animals, and they’ll make sure your plants get the necessary amount of water every day.

Available in two different styles, these Japan-made planters will either drink up water from straws or soak it up from their tails.


Source: tigerth.com


Source: notedco.com

All you have to do is find a cup the animals can call their home, fill the cup with water, plant the seeds, and sit back as you watch your plants grow!


Source: Village Vanguard


Source: tigerth.com

The trick to these self-watering planters is the hidden rope inside the straws and tails of the hanging animals. The rope periodically soaks up the water from the cup and siphons the water upward to the plant. So while you will need to make sure your cups are always filled with water, you won’t have to worry about having to tend to them every day.


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You can choose your favorite out of a variety of adorable animals and plants. You can grow basil, wild strawberries, sweet clover and mint with the help of cats, pigs, pandas, monkeys and more!

They work hard for your plants, so you’ll have nothing to worry about even if you have to place them in unideal environments.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.