In the dark streets of Nagoya exists a prison where come night, people gather to enjoy a banquet of terrifying fun and (apparently) mediocre service. But perhaps sub-par service is expected if you’re eating inside a dark and spooky prison — or shall we say, a dark and spooky prison-themed restaurant.

Kangoku In Shoku prides itself for being Nagoya’s only “Amazement Izakaya” where customers are guaranteed to be shocked and surprised. With the eerie strobe lighting and displays of skeletons and blood-covered bodies, you’ll wonder if you’re in a slaughterhouse/graveyard/set of a slasher film rather than a prison.

But wherever it makes you feel like you’re in, it’s sure to give you all sorts of shivers.


Source: Kangoku In Shoku

Aside from the decoration of the restaurant, they have quite an extensive menu. While the majority of their dishes are familiar to most, they specialize in more “unconventional” dishes such as deep fried frog legs, crocodile feet, cockscombs and chrysalises of silk worms.

And to top it all off, you’ll be able to experience the Kangoku In Shoku’s “Horror Show,” performed at set times during the evening. During these horror shows guests are left in absolute darkness, as robed figures walk outside the cells where guests eat and people bang doors and clatter keys. You’ll begin to hear other customers screaming, and be left quivering in fear until a masked maniac runs into your cell and tries his hardest to give you and your friends the scare of a lifetime.


Source: Kangoku In Shoku

They even have a birthday plan for customers celebrating their birthdays, but with somewhat of an ironic twist. A cake is delivered to the special guests by a Shinigami, or death god. They won’t ruin your birthday by inviting you over to the other side, though — they’re just there, trying to be friendly, and they’ll even take pictures with you if you so please.


Source: Kangoku In Shoku

Visit if you dare!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.