Source: YouTube

Lesson On how To Make Your Hamster As Flat As Possible

A month ago, there was an “ugly but cute” hamster contest on Japanese twitter. Where hamster owners tried to show their hamsters' best ugly moments. That being said, it is not easy to change the hamster’s innate cuteness. In one of the blogs, there was a hamster that looked so flat, many people called it the “flat(or thin) hamster.” It made social media viewers wonder how a hamster could be so flat, and some viewers thinks it was not alive anymore(not true!). The flat hamster owner kindly decided to show her methods on how to make your own hamster look flat like hers.

1. Put you hamster on your hand palm and pet it kindly to let its body relax.

2. Continue to pet it smoothly.

3. Continue to pet it more smoothly with a little more strength.

4. One minute later you get your finalized thin hamster.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.