Much has been made of Japan's booming business of cafes and bars where you primarily pay for the company of the staff. Whether it be maid cafes (where cute girls in maid outfits lavish you with attention and play games with you), hostess and host clubs (where stylish men and women drink with you after a hard day's work), or even cafes where handsome men dry your tears, there seems to be a shop for any niche preference in a partner you may have.

But now there's a place where those looking to oogle hot men and those who just want to bro out over protein and muscle can dine in unison: Macho Nikuya Ebisu.

C Channel English recently took a look inside, and this video will show you what it's all about! Don't worry, we'll explain below.

Macho Niku Ebisu is a a Yakiniku (basically the Japanese version of Korean BBQ) restaurant that prides itself on a different interpretation of grilled meat, saying BBQ is not just for great taste, but that "Eating Yakiniku is one of the best training styles." Their website itself asks: "Everyone, what is BBQ to you? Pleasure? Fun? A Hobby? That's all wrong. It's training."

These guys are ready to give you their meat.

What you'll first notice about the shop is that the staff are all legitimately ripped stud-muffins, who will take every opportunity to flex their muscles and show off their bodies as they perform the most basic of tasks for you.

As you may know, in Japanese "arigatou gozaimasu" is "thank you", so these guys thank you for entering their establishment with a hearty pun: "Arigatou gozaiMACHO!!"

They'll flex as they pour drinks, crush beer cans with their biceps, split your chopsticks with their muscles, and even have a service that allows you to place a sticker on your favorite muscle on their body!

Pin the sticker on the buff guy

Hot sausage just for you

It's not all buff guys--there's quality food too!


Source: Macho29

But what's the point of a beefcake without the beef? It's a BBQ menu after all, and their food menu is just as appetizing (and humorous) as their jacked bods. It's organized by amount of protein in a serving. There's quite a good selection of meat to choose from, but some standouts are:

"Foolish" Rice:: Just plain white rice, but if you order it the menu warns you to expect a scolding. Lay off the carbs and hit the meat!

Macho-frankfurt:: A big ol hunk of wiener, filled with 26g of protein and imagery to satisfy those who aren't there for food.

The Demon of Meat:: A...demon of meat! It's the most expensive thing on the menu and has 30g of protein.

Macho-ri:: A word play on the popular Korean alcoholic drink Makgeolli.

Protein:: Yep--you can order yourself a serving of protein! Perfect for dessert after a sweet lifting sesh.

So there you have it! Man meat jokes aside, the staff is very passionate about protein intake as a vital step in the process of sculpting a fit body through training. On their website's official statement, Macho Nikuya claims (in our translation from Japanese) that they seek to provide "training" for their customers by letting them enjoy yakiniku with all five senses, making gains through protein intake and also being able to visualize their ideal physiques as inspiration.

For those looking to visit:

Macho Nikuya Ebisu Address: Fujisaki building 2F, 1-7-5 Ebisu Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


By - grape Japan editorial staff.