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10 Photos Of Our Sneaky Pets Crawling Into Our Food

What do our beloved pets do when they see food in front of them? Eat them, of course. Although we are sort of obliged to tell them you can't eat them, they are so cute we are tempted to let them go on.

Here are some photos from Japan that people took of their pets "caught in the act".

What are you talking about? I ain't done nothin'.

I don't have anything to eat😙 * 『な、な、なにも食べてませ~ん😅💦』 * *

Yuka.Omoriさん(@yuka.omori)が投稿した写真 -

I own this garden.

今日はトマト🍅 #畑不法侵入 #つまみ食い #コラーッ怒

北田まちゃこ(阿波加)さん(@bubbleohana)が投稿した写真 -

You're still weighing my food? I don't care - I'm hungry!

Hey they're not looking - let's dig in, quick!

Bite-size cucumber! These are obviously for me, right?

C'mon - just one!

Another bite-sized food. Now, this has GOT to be for me!

I know "delicious" is inside - how do I get into it?

That smells nice... you know what I want (wink wink)

Yeah - it's hard even for owners to resist feeding their beloved pets.

As much as you might want to let our pets eat whatever they want, remember some foods might not be good for them!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.