Birthday. It's nice to be celebrated by your family and friends. And on such an occasion, it's hard to go without cakes.

Having said that though, everyone's taste is different. Some people might be looking for something with a little twist... like "meat cake"?

For those meat fans out there, we have compiled some drool-inducing photos of meat cakes that makes you want to turn that grill on!

Happy birthday!!

Wow... the way these wonderful-looking meat decorated like rose petals... it's irresistible! I want to drown myself in a bouquet of well-marbled meat like this!!

It might work in weddings, too!

Depending on the situation, you might need a slightly bigger budget for these meat cakes. But this visual impact! And the taste!! It's likely that the enjoyment would last quite a bit longer than normal cakes.

Why don't you prepare a meat cake like this for your meat-loving friends for their next birthday? We're sure they're gonna love it!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.