Ever see something you just gotta have, even if it means giving yourself up in the process?

That's what happened to these curious kitties, whose love for a cardboard box was tested when their owner, Wayne Burns decided to troll them a little bit by flashing a laser pointer on said cardboard box carefully balanced at the top of a staircase.

One of our cats favorite pastimes is playing with boxes, like all self-respecting cats do. I was about to take their newest toy down to the garage when I thought it might be fun to let them surf down the stairs in it. Hobbes' twin brother Calvin had been the first one to try it, followed by Dusty.

We never expected Hobbes to actually get in the box, since HIS favorite pastimes are eating and sleeping. But to my surprise he flopped inside the box and wizzed down, immediately heading for the top of the stairs to do it again. This part didn't get recorded because I was too busy laughing at his stunt. I hardly knew then that Hobbes was about to get his fifteen minutes of fame!

Here's Hobbes going for a slide.

And of course Calvin has to try it out for himself as well.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.