Source: Instagram

Meet Maru, The Happiest Dog On The Internet

There are a lot of famous dogs out there, but Maru the Shiba has been dubbed the happiest dog on the internet.

Born and raised in Japan, Maru is owned by Shinjiro Ono from Tokyo. He has a huge fan base, with currently over 2 million followers on Instagram!

When he’s not out exploring, meeting new people, or on location for a photo shoot or TV show (what can we say, he’s a total celebrity), he eats, sleeps, and plays... which is definitely nothing out of the ordinary, but Maru is so happy he makes everything he does look so darn cute.

It helps that he has the most genuine, adorable dog smile too.

I mean just look at him.

So whenever you’re feeling down in the dumps, just stop by Maru’s Instagram. His smile of gold is guaranteed to cheer you up, and his constant positivity will give you that extra push to help you live life to the fullest.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.