This is how Japan thinks outside of the box. Virtual Idol Hatsune Miku held her first concert back in 2011. The first hologram anime figure opened her own concert with a huge media attention and lots of fans that had been dying to see her "LIVE." Well... the wait is over, her agency has scheduled and announced her new concert tour that will be held in U.S and Canada next year.

You know Disneyland makes sure there’s only one Mickey Mouse around the park. Hatsune Miku’s manager seems to use the same policy to avoid double cloned figures appearing at the same time. The first tour kicks off in Seattle on April 23rd. Other dates are listed below with the final destination back in the Big Apple, where her first concert happened.

Seattle, WA April 23rd sat

San Francisco, CA April 30th sat

Los Angeles, CA May 6th fri

Dallas, TX May 14th sat

Toronto, ON May 20th fri

New York, NY May 28th sat

The year 2016 is going to be a wonderful year for Hatsune Miku fans. Although some of us might think "what's the point?", since Miku doesn’t have a real physical form. But it's actually entirely different from watching it from the video or listening to her song in private - you get to have the chance to see a high-tech anime concert, plus to join with thousands of fans to cheer her live dance and music all together.

Since five years has passed since the original concert, and the technical development since then would have upped the realism of the hologram. Her new album "Blue Star feat. Hastsune Miku" will be the theme song for the new concert. The tickets for Hastsune MIku Expo 2016 will be on sale from November 20th.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.