This is just overwhelmingly beautiful! Anyone who played Tekken as a kid or as an adult will likely want to be like this guy.

Professional stuntman Derek Jacobus has done incredible blockbuster movies like A Good Day To Die Hard. Now, he has changed his gear in performing Tekken, and he totally nailed it!

Drunken Tiger Lash


Beating Kick Low Combo


Ballroom Dance


Wolf Strike To Snake Bite Combo


Turbulent Winds



Tekken is one of the earliest legendary 3D fight games. As with various fighting games, players choose a character from a lineup, and engage in one-on-one combat with an opponent. For a player to get a win, a proper psychological thinking and muscle memory of using different combos is necessary. We are glad to know those combos can be used in real life fighting techniques...

In the video, he completely copies each character moves, and does some serious damaging 10 hit combo impersonations.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.