Considering sushi falls on the higher end of the "sophistication" spectrum when it comes to cuisine and Big Macs, err, don’t, making a delicious sushi roll out of the popular McDonald’s menu is probably not the first thing you would try to attempt. That is, not unless you’re Chef Hiroyuki Terada.

A master sushi chef of the NoVe Kitchen and Bar in Florida, Chef Terada took a Big Mac and fries and turned it into a gorgeous, mouthwatering roll that wouldn’t look out of place at a chic sushi restaurant.

First he takes apart the burger, separating all the ingredients onto a plate.


Source: YouTube

He then slices the buns to use in place of seaweed.


Source: YouTube

Cutting each ingredient, he lays them out over the buns.

To give the roll a little more of a personal flair, he adds slices of tomato, avocado, cilantro and microgreens, and drizzles it with barbecue sauce and spicy mayo at the end. Sounds pretty delicious!