Music has the power to speak to everyone in the world, and if you aren't familiar with a Hang drum or the variations thereof, it may just be able to take you to another world as well.

Yukiko Koshimoto is a Japanese "spacedrum" player, whose experiences in India and exposure to a street musician who played the didgeridoo in London led her to start playing the instrument (which she calls a Handpan) in 2009. She currently tours Japan as a performer, and is busting out sweet tunes such as the one featured in this awesome video from 2011.

Her gentle start-and-stop touch, creating all the right echoes and beautiful pings really brings about a serenity and peace of mind that she claims to draw upon from music and nature. It also appears that her talents extend to making jewelry as well!

Three videos below feature her music and some snippet interviews explaining her background, as well as some insight to her philosophy regarding music.

You can read up about her, and explore her music on her YouTube channel and Facebook.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.