Katsumi Yamada is one of the legendary competitors for the Japanese version of "Ninja Warrior". He has been in the game since the very first competition; he is also one of six "all stars" of the series.

His passion towards Ninja Warrior is extreme. He even made his own training ground, training hard day and night. His passion attracted many fans, some viewers even falling into tears as he struggled to make it through each challenge.

It turns out that he recently found a new passion:

I want to connect the world with string phones.

The video is a documentary of his epic undertaking, where Yamada exerts his passion in order to bring better communication to the world. He begins excruciating training with his apprentices.


His mind is entirely focused on his mission... just like the way he was in Ninja Warrior...


And the moment has come... Can he really connect thousands of kilometers of a long strand of string?

I guess we saw this coming. I think Yamada is better off back in the Ninja Warrior arena!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.

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