If you’re sick of people interrupting your sleep, this new sleeping bag will make sure you’re protected from any pesky visitors (unless you’re sleeping out in the woods, where you might actually attract a lot of pesky visitors).

Six feet in length, this sleeping bag looks exactly like a giant bear.


Source: Eiko Ishizawa

And even though the fangs might make you take a step back, this furry bear is guaranteed to make you feel warm and cozy even during the harshest of winters.


Source: Eiko Ishizawa

Inspired by the story of Bruno the “problem bear,” Amsterdam-based Japanese artist Eiko Ishizawa created the “The Great Sleeping Bear” sleeping bag in tribute to his unfortunate demise. Back in 2006, Bruno had wandered across the border from the Italian Alps into Bavaria before being put down by officials who feared he might bring harm to the locals.

“What interested me in this story was that this bear was generating many illusions in people, as ‘the realities’ by just crossing the borderline between countries,” Ishizawa wrote. “In order to recreate such illusions, I have created a realistic bear as an [sic] sleeping bag as a boundary between the culture and the wild nature.”


Source: Eiko Ishizawa


Source: Eiko Ishizawa


Source: Eiko Ishizawa

But if you want this enormous bear to keep you warm and protected, you’ll have to dish out $2,350 USD. You never know though — it might come in handy on your next camping trip, when you’re stranded and have nowhere to sleep but in the middle of the woods.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.